A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Survive wave after wave of zombies coming at you, while completely blind. The game tests your ability to find your enemies using sound alone. The setting invokes a fresh feeling of dread into horror genre.

Made for GMTK 2018 Game Jam. The theme being "a genre without its core mechanic", we took it to the next level and rid a video game of any graphics.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run.

Linux: make executable


SitD_Windows_x64.zip 29 MB
SitD_Windows_x86.zip 26 MB
SitD_Linux_Universal.zip 41 MB
SitD_OSX_Universal.app.zip 30 MB


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Able to provide a scary atmosphere without any visuals - though the sound-based menu made me wonder if the game was working when I first started it up.

Note to other players: I think you might need to close the game and open it again if you want to restart after a game over. Left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to reload, move the mouse to aim, listen to the noises and determine where they are relative to you.